Disclaimers Of Computer Tech Information

This is our disclaimer page on the website. On this page, we warn you that this website is an absolutely educational site. Here we publish all the educational content related to innovation.

Use and processing of collected data
—Launch and operation of our website and services. The non-personal information collected is used only to identify potential cases of abuse and to establish evidence regarding the use of the website. This measurable data, as a rule, is not summarized to highlight a specific client of the platform.

(I) You have given your consent for at least one explicit purpose. Please note that, in accordance with several laws, we may be allowed to process the data until you submit an article for such preparation (by refusing to participate), regardless of the consent or any other related legal framework presented below. Despite this, it does not have any significant significance, at some point the preparation of Personal Information is subject to the European law on information insurance.

(ii) The provision of data is essential for the coordination with you, as well as for any prior authorization of their obligations.

(iii) Processing is fundamental to meeting a legal obligation to which you are subject.

(iv) Processing is identified with a task that is performed as part of a public intrigue or in the activities of a specialist authorized by us.

(v) Processing is fundamental for reasons of real interest to which we have sought or externally. Regardless, we will be happy to clarify the specific legal premise that relates to the processing, and in particular whether the organization of Personal Data is law.

Customer privileges

(I) You have the right to withdraw your consent to the fact that you recently consented to the preparation of your data.

(ii) You have the opportunity to directly contact your data if the preparation is completed legally, except with the consent.

(iii) You have the opportunity to directly find out whether the data is being prepared by us, to divulge information about specific parts of the processing and to obtain a duplicate of the data that is being prepared.

(iv) You have the opportunity to directly verify the accuracy of your data and request their update or correction.

(v) You have the right in certain situations to restrict the processing of your data, in which case we will not process your data for any reason other than to remove it.

(vi) In certain situations, you have the right to obtain the removal of your Personal Information from us.

(vii) You have the opportunity to directly receive your data in an organized, commonly used and coordinated manner with the machine and, if practicable, transfer it to another controller without any obstacles. This arrangement is appropriate, given that your data are processed using computer methods and that the preparation depends on your consent, on the agreement of which you are a part, or on its legally binding obligations.

Promotion Policy

We can show commercials on the Internet, and we can share the accumulated and indistinguishable data about our customers that we collect through the registration process or through online reviews and improvements with specific promoters. We don’t give promoters actually recognizable data about individual customers. In some cases, we may use these accumulated and indistinguishable data to send custom notifications to the target group.